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Learning2gether / Upcoming events

Welcome to a space where educators can learn together


Upcoming presentations


During times of Teaching and Learning in IsolatioN, see also

the TALIN schedule of upcoming events at https://tinyurl.com/talin2020


  1. Archives of past events
  2. Next upcoming events
    1. Tue 7 July 0001 midnight  UTC VSTE Minecraft Mondays July 6 - 8 pm EDT Dark Knight's fireworks display
    2. Wed 8 July - Free Online International Doctoral Research Conference in Education
    3. Wed 8 July 0500 UTC - 1st International Virtual ELT Web Conference on Using Innovative Methods in ELT 
    4. Sat 11 July 1900 UTC - Africa TESOL Monthly Webinar
    5. Sat 11 July 1300-1500 UTC - VSTE Second Life Saturdays - repeats each Saturday
    6. Sun 12 July noon UTC - 16th Webheads Weekly Sunday Sandbox OpenMic-inar
    7. Mon 13 July  2 am ET - Amira Salama on TESOL Career Path Development PD Network Summer 2020 Webinar Series
    8. Thu 16 July 1300-14:30 UTC Vance Stevens presents to Moroccan teachers on Online Language Learning and Teaching
    9. Thu-Sat 16-18 July TESOL Virtual Convention
    10. Wed 22 July 10 am EST - TESOL B-MEIS Webinar on Designing for diversity, equity and inclusion
    11. Wed 29 July Time 1400 UTC - Gavin Dudeney on Why the Obsession With ‘Tools’?
    12. Thu 30 July 1300 EDT Sharon Tjaden-Glass and Jennifer Lacroix host conversation about listening and intercultural competence in the classroom
    13. Fri-Sun 7-9 Aug 9th annual 3-day MMVC20
    14. Sun 13 Sept  Proposals are due for 20th annual Electronic Village Online sessions
    15. Fri-Sun 1315 Nov 2020 SSTESOL First Ever Annual Virtual Conference
  3. Ongoing events taking place now through ...
    1. Mon 1 June - Moodle MOOC 15 - Moodle for Teachers Online School begins
    2. April 22 - First of 6 free PRISM workshops on Moodle began March 23
    3. May 30 Nellie Deutsch ends free online course on how to teach online using free tools - since April 1
    4. End of May - 2020 Learning Revolution online conference started April 1 and goes on for 2 months
  4. Cancelled events that were to be a part of Learning2gether
    1. June 3-5 MELTA in Penang Cancelled
    2. July 3-5 CALL Research Conference at Waseda University, Tokyo postponed to 2021
    3. Aug 6-8 GLoCALL 2020 in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia postponed to Aug 5-7 2021
  5. Earlier events
    1. Sun 5 July noon UTC - Graham Stanley hosts the 15th Webheads Weekly Sunday Sandbox OpenMic-inar
  6. More online events calendars and archives
    1. Share Your Webinar
    2. IATEFL Webinars
    3. Suggest a TESOL Virtual Seminar Topic
    4. Instructional Design Service Project
    5. Rhizo15 and 16 A Practical View MOOC by Dave Cormier
    6. Steve Hargadon Learning Revolution
    7. edWeb.net
    8. Tyson Seburn FourCinELT
    9. TESOL Academic
  7. More about Learning2gether
  8. Kudos





Archives of past events


Looking for something?


Next upcoming events


Find archives of our previous sessions here: http://learning2gether.net, and an index of all events here 

Or check out the earlier events we've been following 




Tue 7 July 0001 midnight  UTC VSTE Minecraft Mondays July 6 - 8 pm EDT Dark Knight's fireworks display



Monday, July 6 at 8 pm EDT

World Clock link: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Minecraft+Monday&iso=20200706T20&p1=%3A&ah=1


This week Dark will teach us how to build fireworks in Minecraft and he will put on a spectacular fireworks show! He did this with the East Coast Miners group last Friday and it was FUN!


VSTE Place, our Minecraft Server has MOVED!


We still have the old Beastnode server so don't delete it, but please rename it. It is currently offline but will be used in the future for special events. Maybe VSTE Special Events server would be a good name! Watch for updates about this. Simply click the server in the list and click to edit it.image.png


Please, add a new server with the new address. 

The new VSTE server address, with port, is:




Tim Owens is now hosting the server. Thank you, Tim! There is more memory allocated to it and we should be able to have more participants with less lag. 

Joseph Knight did all the required technical things to accomplish the move. Thank you, Joseph! I enjoyed all the geek talk that I didn't understand. :D


There is a dynamic map of VSTE Place that is kind of fun to see.

You can even access it conveniently here:



We are currently operating at 1.15.2. Let me know if you need help rolling back since the new update.

Kim AKA K4sons



Wed 8 July - Free Online International Doctoral Research Conference in Education


The Online International Doctoral Research Conference in Education will take place on 8th July 2020 by video conference. This will be a fully online event. The conference is aimed at postgraduate research students around the world who are working in the field of educational research and who wish to present their work to a like-minded audience of doctoral students, early career researchers (those within 2 years of their PhD defence), and academics.


The conference is free to attend and free to present at.

The event will be a mixture of participant presentations and involve several keynote speakers:

- Dr Peter Kahn, Centre for Higher Education Studies, Liverpool University, UK.

- Dr Gary Motteram, Institute of Education, University of Manchester, UK.


Please register on Eventbrite if you intend to be a participant/audience member/presenter at the event.


This event is organised by the Centre for Educational Research (CERES) in the School of Education at Liverpool John Moores University in the UK (https://www.ljmu.ac.uk/research/centres-and-institutes/centre-for-educational-research)


Wed 8 July 0500 UTC - 1st International Virtual ELT Web Conference on Using Innovative Methods in ELT 


1st International Virtual ELT Web Conference "The Importance of Using Innovative Methods in ELT Classroom"

 on Wednesday 8 July 2020 at ELC-Ibri College of Technology.



It will officially launch at 09:00 am Oman Standard Time (GTM+4) through Microsoft Teams platform. 

Kindly register through this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeyZJ-Pl7J5Yw7iGtlVMK88xvME1jMYBAJzWV2PkVxApD4byQ/viewform



Sat 11 July 1900 UTC - Africa TESOL Monthly Webinar



To register for the webinar, please visit the link below.



Sat 11 July 1300-1500 UTC - VSTE Second Life Saturdays - repeats each Saturday




If you don't have a Second Life account get one, it's free. We recommend setting one up at the Rockcliffe University Consortium's Gateway here: https://urockcliffe.com/reg/second-life/


Download and install the software. While your Second Life viewer (software) is open click this link http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Soulgiver/155/144/58


and voila! Look for an avatar on VSTE Island and say, "Hey, I'm new!" We will take care of the rest.


About this intitiative, https://vste.org/upcoming-events-virtual-environments-pln/


Time where you are July 11, 9-11 am EDT, 1300 UTC




Sun 12 July noon UTC - 16th Webheads Weekly Sunday Sandbox OpenMic-inar


TALIN event #31

Learning2gether #477


Vance Stevens will sneak preview a workshop he'll be giving online to a group of PhD students in Rabat Morocco on July 16. Details to follow


Related links



We will be in Zoom, details to be provided on the day.


If you can't reach Zoom, or just want to observe, the event will be

streamed from Zoom on 



Time wherever you are on the planet:


This event will be posted to these Facebook Groups 



And announced here: https://groups.io/g/webheadsinaction/


TALIN stands for Teaching and Learning in IsolatioN, https://tinyurl.com/talin2020


The idea for TALIN was prompted by suggestions in numerous cross-fertilizing communities of practice that there was needed a space where members of these CoPs could meet online and talk informally to one another about how they are dealing with changes in their personal and professional contexts and what they are doing to help others in this trying time of pandemic.


Learning2gether can host TALIN events in Zoom during times of isolation/lockdown if they are intended to be recorded and shared with the wider community, and if they take place between 02:00-14:00 UTC

TALIN events here are open to all and free to attend.


If you would like to propose an event or invite others to meet in conversation

  1. Visit this page https://tinyurl.com/talin2020
  2. Click on “Request Edit Access” to the left of your profile picture at the top of the page
  3. Wait for approval
  4. Write in your event on the schedule. Give the time in UTC if you can, and give the time in your location also as a double check on time


You can host the event yourself, but if you want Learning2gether to host it and promote it, please allow enough time to check that I am available, at least a few days in advance.


More about TALIN, as presented at international online conferences



Mon 13 July  2 am ET - Amira Salama on TESOL Career Path Development PD Network Summer 2020 Webinar Series


Liz England says the Zoom link will be distributed on Facebook soon

Join Zoom Meeting: https://su.zoom.us/j/7160283832



Thu 16 July 1300-14:30 UTC Vance Stevens presents to Moroccan teachers on Online Language Learning and Teaching


TALIN event #32

Learning2gether #478


Vance Stevens is invited to give a workshop at the First Online Doctoral Seminar Series (May-July, 2020) on “Language, Culture and Society”, organized by the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences, Mohammed V University in Rabat



My topic is Online Language Learning and Teaching, scheduled July 16, at 14:00-15:30 GMT+1 (Moroccan time)


This is Thursday July 16, 13:00-14:30 UTC   


150 word abstract 


‘Traditional’ teaching and learning often refers to how these acts were conducted before the arrival of computers, and now that computers are ubiquitous, before the Internet became commonly used in learning. These have allowed teachers to divide their teaching into synchronous and asynchronous components, whether face-to-face or online, in so-called ‘flipped’ and ‘blended’ approaches. Because of the learning curve and technologies involved, not all teachers have been able to equally apply the affordances of technology in learning, but with the sudden closure of schools in time of pandemic it appears that those most capable of adapting have been those already adept at working in blended learning environments. This workshop is about approaches to teaching online that serve to maintain teacher presence and student engagement. The workshop will be conducted in a way that enables its participants to experiment with tools that will help them understand through experience the concepts discussed.


Related links



Some notes on the topic Online Language Learning and Teaching


To be optimally effective, this should be conducted more like a workshop. In other words, it would have the greatest impact if I could not just introduce the tools, but if we could actually conduct the workshop using some of the most appropriate tools for engaging learners online.


So a key question is, what are my opportunities for engaging your students in online spaces before the presentation? Ideally it would be good to set up some simple pre-workshop activities so as to flip the event, have them review some materials beforehand, and come prepared for the presentation, and then use distance tools to interact with them during the presentation. 


I have been developing my knowledge of tools for online engagement of students beyond http://workshops2020.pbworks.com/ which ended in March. We have been experimenting with these tools in TALIN: Teaching and Learning in IsolatioN, https://tinyurl.com/talin2020, where you can see our recent 30 recorded presentations dealing with this issue since we started encountering school closures in March. 


I'm framing my current efforts to engage teachers in online training in such a way that they can carry the same techniques into their online classes. I'm working on a set of articles which I am editing for TESL-EJ based in the SOFLA model of flipped learning and the Community of Inquiry approach, which according to https://coi.athabascau.ca/coi-model/  "represents a process of creating a deep and meaningful (collaborative-constructivist) learning experience through the development of three interdependent elements – social, cognitive and teaching presence."


I would like to experiment with and model these techniques for the audience in Rabat and work with them a little in advance so that when they arrive at the presentation they would have some grounding in what they would be participating in. 


Most recently I have been testing a tool called Miro with others in my CoP (community of practice). We have experimented with it the last two Sundays and I have just completed a blog post on the most recent test two days ago. You can find my findings and the recordings of our work here




Concerning the audience:


  • About 50 doctoral students attend the Zoom sessions. All students are doing their doctoral research in English and belong to the department of English. Some are already practicing English language teachers. 
  • Also, thousands of national and international doctoral students and aspiring junior researchers follow the Live Stream on our Facebook page.
  •  We can share any reading materials on our Google classroom platform for the students attending on Zoom.
  • We can also post any link you share for the students to prepare for the workshop.
  • If you would like to share the materials with our followers on Facebook, we will be happy to do so as well.


About my background in teaching online


At http://vancestevens.com/papers/ you can see all my recent publications (current into 2020 with links to full text) and presentation topics up through 2019



Regarding my current topics into 2020, my recent podcasts give an indication of both my interests and my expertise; here is an index with links to all: http://learning2gether.pbworks.com/w/page/34456755/archiveindex


In January this year I gave a set of workshops on certain aspects of technology-based approaches to writing, on teaching coding in language classes, but focusing in particular on blended learning. I followed this up with an eLearning course in Feb-March which applied the principles of blended learning to the completely online environment, all archived online here, http://workshops2020.pbworks.com/


As this led into a time when schools were starting to close and people were scrambling for insights into applying what I had been teaching to their own immediate needs and contexts, I recorded the moment in this blog post, https://advanceducation.blogspot.com/2020/04/teacher-training-in-time-of-covid-19.html. This explains how I started a movement I called TALIN, Teaching and Learning in IsolatioN, which has produced two dozen podcasts in the last two months, all indexed with links to the recordings at https://tinyurl.com/talin2020


Meanwhile we are starting our next round of EVO, Electronic Village Online, the online teacher training 5-week sessions which I have helped coordinate for the past 20 years. My most long-running contribution to that effort was a multiliteracies course I taught for ten years, http://goodbyegutenberg.pbworks.com/, but my most recent involvement is on teacher training in games and gamification using Minecraft, and we are about to start our 7th rendition of EVO Minecraft MOOC at http://missions4evomc.pbworks.com/.



Thu-Sat 16-18 July TESOL Virtual Convention


For more information, including announcement of some sessions, see https://www.tesol.org/conventiononline2020


Plan now to attend the first-ever TESOL Virtual Convention & English Language Expo, 16 – 18 July. Register before July 8 here


Using the latest technology and interactive tools from the comfort of your couch, your home office, or wherever you choose, you will be able to:

  • Hear from our engaging keynote presenters
  • Gather strategies, tools, and practices and learn about new research with 100+ sessions
  • Connect online and exchange ideas with English language colleagues around the world
  • Discuss ELT products and services with representatives in the Virtual Expo

Not free - registration rates apply - even in time of COVID-19

  • TESOL Members: $99
  • Nonmembers: $149
  • TESOL Global & Student Members: $35


Wed 22 July 10 am EST - TESOL B-MEIS Webinar on Designing for diversity, equity and inclusion


B-MEIS Webinar (Wednesday, July 22, 2020, 10: 00-11: 00 AM, EST): Designing for diversity, equity and inclusion: exploring innovative curriculum models in bilingual education and beyond.

"A complete model of bilingualism must capture the diversity of language use in this ecosystem, and the field has now recognized that it is insufficient to simply talk about "monolinguals" vs. "bilinguals" in terms of cognitive control and the advantage or disadvantage therein." (Ping Li, 2015).

At this panel, we will explore an array of perspectives, experiences and strategies about leveraging campus diversity to foster intercultural understanding and multilingual awareness. The B-MEIS Webinar Series is dedicated to re-imagining bi/multilingual education in the era of changing linguistic landscapes. The webinar will be recorded and shared with a broader TESOL community. 

Date & Time: Wednesday, July 22, 2020, 10:00-11:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) 

Where: Register in advance for this free webinar:


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Speakers and discussants:

Zohreh R. Eslami (Texas A&M University)

Keith M. Graham (National Taiwan Normal University)

Kathleen Richards (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)

Zeynep Ayasli Harkness (University of North Alabama)

M. Cristina Zaccarini (Adelphi University)


Wed 29 July Time 1400 UTC - Gavin Dudeney on Why the Obsession With ‘Tools’?


Gavin (a.k.a. 'the voice of reason and common sense in ed tech') Dudeney plans to lead a group discussion on Why the Obsession With ‘Tools’?  about education’s response to Covid, online teaching and our obsession with ‘tools’


Dudeney, G. (n.d. but c.2020). The Future of Online Learning. TransformELT.



See more of Gavin’s thoughts on this topic here



Time wherever you happen to be on the planet, July 29, 1400 UTC




Thu 30 July 1300 EDT Sharon Tjaden-Glass and Jennifer Lacroix host conversation about listening and intercultural competence in the classroom


Please join us for a casual conversation about encouraging listening and intercultural competence in the classroom. Sharon Tjaden-Glass and Jennifer Lacroix will host a casual conversation about this topic. 

What is listening competence? What is intercultural competence? How does the research overlap? Where are the gaps? How can teachers encourage both the development of listening and intercultural competence? Join us!

ICIS Coffee Hour Invitation, Thursday July 30th, 1:00 PM EST

Topic: ICIS Coffee Hour: Intercultural Listening
Time: Jul 30, 2020 01:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 952 3074 5689
Password: 414829
One tap mobile
+19292056099,,95230745689# US (New York)
+13017158592,,95230745689# US (Germantown)




Fri-Sun 7-9 Aug 9th annual 3-day MMVC20


Join educators worldwide at the 9th annual 3-day MMVC20

Moodle MOOT Virtual Conference 2020 (MMVC20)

August 7-9, 2020 (ZOOM Meetings) 




Sun 13 Sept  Proposals are due for 20th annual Electronic Village Online sessions


The Electronic Village Online (EVO) is excited to invite proposals for its 20th anniversary round of sessions, We would love to have inspiring educators present an online session in EVO 2021. 


Since 2001, the Electronic Village Online (EVO) has functioned as a virtual extension of the Electronic Village (EV), a project of TESOL's CALL Interest Section, and provided free online professional development sessions for language teachers worldwide. 

Please help us develop timely topics and recruit moderators by distributing our Call for Proposals to your list. The link is http://evosessions.pbworks.com/. Proposals may be on any topic relevant to the teaching of English to speakers of other languages. Proposals are due by September 13, 2020. A development session will be held for all moderators and co-moderators from October 18 to November 15, 2020. During this time, moderating teams will create the online spaces for their session and finalize their syllabus with the assistance of the EVO Coordination Team. The actual five-week EVO sessions for this season will take place between January 9 and February 14, 2021.


Please help us recruit potential moderators by distributing this Call for Proposals to your e-list. Potential moderators will find instructions on how to create a page for their proposal at evosessions.pbworks.com/w/page/140454060/....

To see what types of sessions were offered in the past, please go to evosessions.pbworks.com/EVO-Previous-Sessions

Important dates:

Due Date for proposals: September 13, 2020
Moderator Development Session: Oct. 18 - Nov. 15, 2020 
EVO 2021 20th Anniversary Sessions: January 9 -  February 14, 2021


Please note that the proposals are for 5-week online courses called "sessions". The sessions are both synchronous and asynchronous. 

Click if you'd like to read more about EVO: http://evosessions.pbworks.com/w/page/10708587/What%20is%20EVO

Celebrate the 20th Anniversary with us

On behalf of the EVO Coordination Team



Fri-Sun 1315 Nov 2020 SSTESOL First Ever Annual Virtual Conference


The SSTESOL of Florida Conference Team proudly invites you to attend the 2020 SSTESOL First Ever Annual Virtual Conference which will be held from November 13-15, 2020.

The SSTESOL Board has decided to deliver our 2020 annual state conference virtually because the safety of our SSTESOL members, exhibitors, the whole Florida and the ESOL global community is our first priority. Our conference will be held Friday 13th, Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th November so that hard working educators can attend and be professionally replenished! On Nov 13th, SSTESOL will hold a virtual party celebrating 30 years of the Florida Consent Decree, awards ceremony and SSTESOL Press' 1st Book release celebration.

Because we learn best from each other, SSTESOL plans to showcase the profession on Saturday, Nov 14th and Sunday, Nov 15th

  • The Best of the Best Practitioners (featuring a representative presentation from each Florida school district and local SSTESOL Chapters in Florida)
  • Inspirational policy makers
  • Supportive school leaders and administrators
  • Enthusiastic Institutional Leaders of ESOL, IEP, EAP, and Adult Education Programs
  • Uplifting cultural experiences

Exhibitors and sponsors are important constituents of the conference. We welcome your support and participation.

Registration will open on July 15, 2020.
Submission of Presentation Proposals closes on August 3, 2020.
Applications for conference grants, scholarships, awards and recognition opportunities are now open at sstesol.org.  You may apply for yourself or help disseminate this information to your colleagues and students. Don't miss this first ever SSTESOL Virtual Conference. See you at the conference. For more information,visit sstesol.org.


Ongoing events taking place now through ...


Mon 1 June - Moodle MOOC 15 - Moodle for Teachers Online School begins


Nellie Deutsch would like to invite us all to join a free online professional development course on Moodle for Teachers Online School. The name of the course is Moodle MOOC 15 an annual online event organized and facilitated by Dr. Nellie Deutsch, an experienced English language teacher, academic writing coach, e-learning and blended learning researcher, technology user, and Moodle expert. 


The course is for beginners and advanced Moodlers. Participants, who are beginners, will learn how to teach and manage a Moodle course. Advanced Moodlers will learn how to manage a Moodle website. Participants, who complete the tasks, receive a certificate of completion as well as weekly digital badges. Learning to Moodle on Moodle MOOC 15 takes members of the course to another level of learning. Members of Moodle MOOC 15 experience learning as they develop new learning and teaching skills. The course is based on teamwork, social learning, learning by doing, learning by teaching, and peer project-based learning. 


Moodle is an amazing learning management system that provides everything teachers need to engage learners with each other, the content, and the facilitator of the course. Collaboration, teamwork, and effective communication are key aspects of learning and Moodle has them all. Do you use Moodle with your students? If not and you'd like to use it on Moodle MOOC 15 https://moodle4teachers.org/enrol/index.php?id=268. Moodle MOOC 15 begins on June 1, 2020. 


Watch the following YouTube video for further information. Subscribe and hit the bell for more videos from Moodle MOOC 15.



April 22 - First of 6 free PRISM workshops on Moodle began March 23


There may be more of these, need to check the schedule ... 


These dates were sent out in email to PRISM Members, with the suggestion that

If you know someone who may be interested in the courses, feel free to pass this email along to them.

The courses are due to repeat in May, and the information that was here has been moved to



More information in the Prism Newsletters

Register for the courses here - https://www.rose-prism.org/moodle/



May 30 Nellie Deutsch ends free online course on how to teach online using free tools - since April 1


Ended now, needs to be blogged


All are invited to join an 8-week free online professional development course on how to teach online using free tools

from April 1 - May 30, 2020 - https://moodle4teachers.org/enrol/index.php?id=276


This is where you login here https://moodle4teachers.org/login/index.php 

This is how you log in https://youtu.be/n9Oh46Pe07U


You may wish to share the information with your colleagues. 



End of May - 2020 Learning Revolution online conference started April 1 and goes on for 2 months


Possibly ended now, needs to be blogged 




FULL STEAM AHEAD with the 2020 Learning Revolution Conference!

Here's how you can participate:

REGISTER: sign up to attend the event. It's free. There will a calendar of sessions for every day for two months, all free to attend, and available to see in your own time zone. Presenters have been invited to present on a broad range of education, teaching, and learning topics. We've also invited individuals to host topic conversations (not formal presentations) that you can join.
PRESENT: submit to on an education topic. You can see the long list of potential strand here. All presentations will be free for participants to attend live. Presentations will also be recorded and be made available to you for your own personal or professional use. (If you're used to getting paid to present, email admin@learningrevolution.com to discuss how you can work with an sponsoring organization to be a "sponsored speaker.")


Previously, I had pointed out that in a slight shift on the concept of free conferences, this one is free to attend. However, it was originally stated that access to recordings will cost $99. 

  • I'm not sure if this is true any more. It appears that as of April 12, recordings are on open access.
  • On May 7, they are still on open access, ALL linked from the recordings page, https://learningrevolution.com/recordings


Here is what it said originally, but it appears that, like Woodstock, the gates have been opened to all :-)


The 2020 Learning Revolution online conference will be an historic event. Conference sessions on all aspects of teaching and learning will be held daily over the course of two months, all free to attend live.

A calendar will list all sessions as they are scheduled on a rolling basis, and a daily email will give the final schedule for each day. The sessions will also be recorded. Access to the archive of recordings will be available for $99.

The call for proposals opens on March 23rd. Presentation acceptances will be made on a rolling basis almost immediately, and presenters will be given the opportunity to choose a presentation day / time that is convenient to their own schedule.

The technologies of the Internet and the Web are reshaping when, where, and from whom we learn--and even how we think about learning. As the boundaries of these learning worlds increasingly overlap, we believe these conversations will be critical to framing and preparing for the learning revolution starting to take place.

The conference is being hosted by my Learning Revolution Project. I've held over 100 online and physical learning events during the past 10 year, and I have a combined audience membership of 160,000 educators, administrators, librarians, students, and parents.


How to attend


Log into LearningRevolution.com and click on Schedule in the main menu to see the session times and direct links for attending live. To see all sessions submitted so far, and to correspond with presenters, click here

Recordings are listed on the Recordings page. The conference hashtag is #learningrevolution.




Cancelled events that were to be a part of Learning2gether


June 3-5 MELTA in Penang Cancelled


I don't know if this one has been rescheduled





July 3-5 CALL Research Conference at Waseda University, Tokyo postponed to 2021




My submission entitled Smart choices: An analysis of 20 years of EVO moderator decisions on platforms best promoting online distributed learning

has been accepted for presentation at International CALL Research Conference which has now been postponed to 2021 in Tokyo



Aug 6-8 GLoCALL 2020 in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia postponed to Aug 5-7 2021



I had been invited to be a GLoCALL 2020 International Featured Speaker

and have accordingly submitted the following. If accepted I will try to webcast my presentation.


Bio (104 words): 

Vance Stevens lives in Penang, Malaysia. Founder/coordinator of Webheads in Action and Learning2gether.net, he has produced over 435 episodes since 2010. He is On the Internet section editor of TESL-EJ. and has over 150 publications, many available at http://vancestevens.com/papers/, dealing with students using computers to learn languages and teachers learning to teach using technology by engaging in communities of practice and in participatory cultures.  He has helped coordinate TESOL/CALL-IS Electronic Village Online (EVO) since 2003, and has co-moderated EVO Minecraft MOOC for the past 6 years. He was recently awarded the 2019 CALL Research Conference Lifetime Achievement Award.


Presentation Title: An analysis of two decades of EVO moderators’ decisions on platforms facilitating online distributed learning 

(paper, 25 minutes or longer)


Abstract (149 words): 

EVO moderators have been conducting free and open online 5-week workshops in January-February every year since 2001. The all-volunteer moderators of these workshops must choose a platform for mounting each session, and the choices made of suitable online tools to best accomplish their goals can be instructive for colleagues wishing to host their own online courses and communities online.

The recent loss of Google+ Communities, Yahoo! Groups, and other online platforms heavily used by educators for facilitating online communities of practice has impacted Electronic Village Online moderators and their ability to find robust, stable, free, and open platforms for hosting projects promoting collaborative and shared learning in distributed CoPs.

This presentation analyses decisions made by EVO moderators over the 20 years that EVO has been in existence, and the choices they have made in coming up with serviceable tools despite the occasional sudden loss of many of these platforms.





Earlier events


Sun 5 July noon UTC - Graham Stanley hosts the 15th Webheads Weekly Sunday Sandbox OpenMic-inar





More online events calendars and archives


Share Your Webinar

A Facebook group for promoting your webinars (for free, of course)



IATEFL Webinars


Find the schedule of upcoming webinars here




Suggest a TESOL Virtual Seminar Topic


Have a suggestion for a virtual seminar? Complete this form to suggest a virtual seminar topic or speaker!

TESOL Virtual Seminars are 90-minute Webcasts focused on key issues in ESL and EFL. The seminars are easy to access online from your home or office, as a live event or using the playback feature when it fits your schedule. You can also extend peer-to-peer learning by bringing together ELT professionals in your school or area for the seminar at no extra charge (registration is on a per site basis). Visit the TESOL Resource Center for examples of past virtual seminars.

Michelle Kim
Professional Learning Coordinator
TESOL International Association

posted in 2017, form still online in 2019


Instructional Design Service Project


The Designer Dialogues webcast series


The Designer Dialogues webcasts were hosted by Jennifer Maddrell on the second Thursdays of each month between 2013-2018.




Rhizo15 and 16 A Practical View MOOC by Dave Cormier

rhizomatic.net apparently is no more

but I like keeping this souvenir around ...



Was there a #rhizo16? Nope, kids happened instead .. But there was a demand for it ...




Rhizo 15 started April 15. When does it end? It doesn't say (maybe never :-)

It's gone offline but the Wayback Machine made a snapshot in Oct, 2016, possibly the last one



Meanwhile, back on Prince Edward Island ...



Thanks Dave, on to bigger and better things, bigger and better kids, etc.



Steve Hargadon Learning Revolution

Host your own webinar: http://learningrevolution.com/page/host-your-own-webinar 


Webinars on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays

Tyson Seburn FourCinELT

This calendar is unique in that it is crowd-sourced: http://fourc.ca/calendar/

At the web site it says, "As a collection of crowd-sourced ELT conferences & events throughout the world, every effort is made to include events and conferences both small, big and lengthy."

TESOL Academic


http://www.tesolacademic.org/ interviews TESOL luminaties and posts the interviews at its 
YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/TESOLacademic 

TESOL Academic does not appear to host live events, but the archives are worth checking out


More about Learning2gether


Currently (June 2020) we are webcasting mostly in Zoom


Blackboard Collaborate is still generously provided to us by Learning Times. 
Where: Blackboard Collaborate (Elluminate) 


Won't you help out by volunteering to give us a presentation?
Send a short blurb and the date requested to vancestev at gmail.com, or request to join this wiki -
(to avoid spam annoyances, those requesting access are added as readers who can leave comments;
but if you make known your desire to present, get in touch with us, and we will gladly make you a writer)

Would you like to host an event?

Finding out what's on

At the moment people wishing to see what’s coming up on L2G can visit these links, http://learning2gether.net to start with, and from there be linked to http://learning2gether.pbworks.com

From there you can reach the direct link to our next session: 

This is where people expect to see events posted. We also try and post announcements
to various Facebook communities,
and tweet them on #learning2gether

You can also check on the Webheads list (anyone can view messages, they are public) 

Once you know what and when, finding the events

If the event is in Elluminate, you can easily join it at http://webheads.learningtimesevents.org/
If the event is in a Hangout, we normally post direct links to the hangout against its date on this page and at
Google+ communities is no more unfortunately

What if you want to host an event

If you want to initiate a Learning2gether event, you can join the wiki at http://learning2gether.pbworks.com, and when you are a Writer, you can write your details there. However, alert Vance Stevens (vancestev at my gmail address) what your attentions are. When I get requests to join the wiki from people I don't know and who have not contacted me before, I approve them, but as readers on the wiki.

Up to now, anyone wishing to place an event on our calendar needs to join the wiki.  If I recognize the person (I know them or they emailed their intentions to vancestev at gmail.com) then I will give writer privileges on the wiki (otherwise, in order to keep spam off the wiki, I grant reader privileges).  As of this writing (May 2019) there are 225 users with reader or writer privileges at our wiki. The increase in the past couple of years has been at the rate of about 1 every two weeks.

There are a couple of other considerations when planning.
Anyone can start and record a Hangout and harvest its YouTube video embed (I used to use Any Video Converter to get an mp3 from that but I am unaware of any such converters at present that are both free and trustworthy).
We also have available Blackboard Collaborate, which we fondly still call Elluminate, available to us on an ongoing grant from http://learningtimes.com. If you wish to use this venue you should reserve it by creating an entry at http://my.calendars.net/eslhome_conferen



If you would like to present an event or host a discussion please let Vance know. Write vancestev at gmail.com 

Here's a possibility, posted on https://www.facebook.com/groups/evomlit/ 

(Ozma might present this when she starts doctoral studies next year :-)


Events archive

Once an event has happened, its archive gets moved to http://learning2gether.net, a podblog managed by Vance Stevens.

This is done in this way:
An entry pointing to the archive is made in the wiki index: 

Whatever artifacts there were at the wiki as well as any recordings made are placed in the blog at http://learning2gether.net
The blog has a podcast feed. You can find the RSS icon at our About tab





And this unexpected 2018 to 2019 New Year's greeting encapsulates what L2g is all about: https://www.screencast.com/t/q8nQsopMIbsO 









These materials were compiled by Vance Stevens, https://learning2gether.net  

You are free to share-alike and with attribution under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/

The date of this update is July 6 2020 02:00 UTC 






Comments (10)

Joseph Savirimuthu said

at 1:55 pm on Mar 10, 2013

Weblink to stream at 12 noon does not appear to be recognised by Firefox

Vance Stevens said

at 5:08 pm on Mar 11, 2013

I see you made it in at any rate :-) Thanks for joining us; archive at http://learning2gether.posterous.com/veillance-hangout-with-alex-hayes-and-posse

Benjamin L. Stewart, PhD said

at 11:33 pm on Aug 27, 2013

Vance and others, is there anything scheduled for Sept. 1-2? If not, how about a PLN, show and tell? Each participant does a screen share demonstrating and explaining the "what", "how", "why", etc. of current web tools, communities, personal contacts, etc. that contribute to one's professional learning? What do others think?

Vance Stevens said

at 7:33 am on Aug 29, 2013

Sounds like a plan there Ben! It just needs movers and shakers :-) Let's bring our communities to bear on it, Sept 1, 2nd, or both ...

Benjamin L. Stewart, PhD said

at 4:13 pm on Aug 29, 2013

Will do!

marouf said

at 4:20 pm on Jan 12, 2015

Hello Mr. Stevens,
Is this the right wiki that I must enter? Thanks

Vance Stevens said

at 10:08 pm on Jan 13, 2015

Hi Marouf, this is the right wiki if you want to give a presentation or host a discussion here. What did you want to do here?

joshhe1977 said

at 4:23 pm on Jul 28, 2015

Dear Vance Stevens
I am happy to be able to join such splendid community. Maria Colussa told me about it.
If there is some discussion related to gamification, game based learning, inmersive environments or minecraft in education, I would be very happy to participate and learn. I coordinated a research published in Educational Tehcnology and Society. (JCR-Q2): http://www.ifets.info/journals/18_3/9.pdf so I am very enthusiastic with the topic. Thanks again for everything

Vance Stevens said

at 7:35 pm on Jul 28, 2015

Hi José-Manuel,
Great to hear from you. I coordinated a session on Minecraft for educators last Jan / Feb and will do so again in 2016, https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/112993649763396826671. We could welcome your participation and perhaps you could come online one Sunday around 1400 GMT (give or take an hour or two) and tell us more about your research Find our schedule here http://tinyurl.com/learning2gether - just find a Sunday that's free and we'd love to meet you online.

Maria Jose said

at 10:39 pm on Jan 28, 2017

Dear Vance Stevens
It´ll be a pleausre to share my experience working on global projects. Where may I send you all the information?

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