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Learning 2gether

Call for Participation


You are welcome / encouraged to participate in our "Learning2gether" series by contributing your expertise toward helping us all learn together.  This could be in the form of a presentation or discussion.


See our Call for Participation here: http://learning2gether.pbworks.com/cfp


Although we originally called this event "Sunday Speekgeek" the events don't necessarily have to take place on Sunday, and we have evolved beyond that into allowing an hour more or less for presentation and/or discussion.  We are quite flexible and discussions are preferred to set presentations (and ideally, a short presentation will lead to a more lively discussion)


If you can give a session of any length (15 to 50 minutes or longer, up to you) we would appreciate it very much.  Please volunteer by

  • checking what upcoming dates we need volunteers to present
  • then contacting the event coordinator at vancestev (little 'at' sign) gmail.com to schedule your presentation
    (You are welcome and encouraged to join the wiki and write yourself in, but if you are not recognized you'll be added as a 'reader'.  This is because we have no way of distinguishing spammers from potential presenters unless we know who you are.  So it won't hurt to write vancestev and introduce yourself and your intent, and you'll be accepted as a 'writer' here)


About Learning2gether 

Learning2gether events are part of a participant-driven professional development series planned as a part of the ongoing (since 1998) Webheads in Action professional development movement http://webheads.info, most recently with the involvement of the TESOL Arabia EdTech SIG http://taedtech.ning.com .


Normally the events take place at noon, 13:00, 14:00 or 15:00 GMT each Sunday or Monday


For the presentation itself, we often meet in


Events are normally recorded and archived (see the sidebar for links)

You can see what upcoming dates we need presentations for at our upcoming events page


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